Shared Web Hosting

- DirectAdmin Control Panel.
- Unlimited Inode / File Usage
- Free Let's Encrypt SSL
- Free MailChannels Outgoing
- Unlimited Add-on and Sub-Domains
- Unlimited Bandwidth.
- Cloudflare Support
- Daily Backup
- Anti-DDos Network
- RoundCube Webmail


- Cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting
- Free Migration
- Managed your WordPress Website
- Unlimited INODE / File Usage
- 500 Outgoing Email per hour
- No Overage Charges for Traffic Spikes
- Support CloudFlare CDN
- SSH Access (by request)
- DDoS Protection

Why Choose Us

Free customer support via WhatsApp and Email.
Web Design

We have created over 1,000 websites, ranging from HTML to WordPress and e-commerce platforms.

Web Hosting

We offers hosting services that support both cPanel and DirectAdmin control panels.

App development

We specializes in creating custom Android and iOS applications tailored to the unique needs of your company or organization. Additionally, we also offer web app development services to provide comprehensive solutions for all your application requirements.

Web Design and Web Hosting Company

KKCSI provides an all-inclusive range of services, such as website design, web hosting, Website Maintenance, cyber security, mobile app and web app development to enhance your online presence.
KKCSI 提供一系列全面的服务,包括网站设计、网站托管、网站维护、网络安全、移动应用和 Web 应用开发,以增强您的在线存在。

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